Samsung Galaxy S20 FE New Leaks Processor Display Camera All | S20 FE Price | Samsung Sales Down !

Hey, what’s up guys and it’s here presenting you the first look of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 fan edition. We’ve been talking about this phone for months and there’s been a lot of speculation a lot of leaks but now we have the full glory look thanks to the one and only on leaks. First up the s20 fe is like a plastic brother to the Galaxy Note 20 which cost $1,000. But fear not the league pricing for the Galaxy S20 DLP is around $750 which makes me think that that should be the price of the note 20 that Samsung just announced if you actually pay attention both of these two calls are sort of replacing last year’s Galaxy S 10 light and note 10 with better internals and most importantly much better upgrades on the camera side. So unlike the note 20 the estrone fp is looking like a grid value. It may actually be the phone of the year from Samsung when it comes to the value but Samsung may be about to hit themselves in the foot once again because of something called timing.

Okay, so the front design of the galaxy s20 fe It looks very similar to the note 20 In fact, it’s almost identical. We’ve got that galaxy A Series kind of look. It’s completely flat. A lot of people do like flat displays including me it’s got a center hole punch which is going to be similar in size like the Galaxy Note 20 and the actual display size is around 6.5 inches as well. The resolution is said to be a full HD display but with 120 hertz refresh rate.

This could be Samsung’s cheapest phone
to offer a 120 hertz refresh rate right out of the box which I think is going to be a very strong point. Now as for the material, the back panel will be similar the note 20 is going to have that matte frosted plastic Look, it’s been reported that there will be a number of colors such as red, white, green and orange. So this phone will definitely be a lot more colorful than any of the Galaxy S20 that Samsung has released this year. We have metal on the size, power and volume rocker towards the right hand side and no headphone jack as always. As for the internals, we’re going to see Qualcomm 865 on the 5g model and apparently Samsung is planning a LTE model of this phone which could Rog the exynos 990 model there’s been some leaked benchmarks as well. So we may still have dual chip thing or with the S20 fe as well most likely in the international markets where we don’t have 5g now still despite that is still a very solid option at 750 dollar from Samsung. So my question is, would you buy this phone at 750 dollar, I mean, it is a really really solid deal. But considering the timing of this phone, the original Galaxy S20 will be a lot cheaper. Yes, the original Galaxy S20 with Samsung announced for $1,000. And they’re actually still selling this phone at $1,000 Prize, you can actually buy this phone else where for a much better value. Now again, that depends on the market, the S20 might still be above $800. Still, the S20 FE looks like a better value none the less. But then again, if the price difference is very less, let’s say $50 difference, you’re actually getting a much much premium built on the original S20 like the gloss back the edge display and 120 hertz at 1440P certainly you’re getting a lot on just the normal S20. Like I said Timing is everything.

And in my opinion Samsung should have made the S20 FE instead of the normal S20 back in February Imagine if the S20 FE was announced instead of the S20 costing almost $800. It would have been the phone of the year best value, but no they’re making it right now. And by the time this phone comes out the Galaxy S20 will have multiple deals that you can get. And arguably there’s no doubt that the original S20 is a better phone than the S20 FE. He also sad news DJ co Samsung’s previous mobile chief at the legendary DJ co he was the only executive who didn’t get the HQ bonus during the whole pandemic. According to the news coming from South Korea, DJ co was not paid at the bonus that Samsung actually paid to a lot of other executives. I don’t know why they did that. But South Korean media is reporting that it’s because of the bad smartphone sales. Samsung decided not to pay the bonus to DJ co it’s a bit sad. I mean, the guy is definitely a legend. If you guys remember the Galaxy S 10 and note 10 from last year, were probably the last amazing best bowls from Samsung like that year was amazing. This year’s dancing at a lot of controversy, a lot of things they have to deal with as per recent detailed report coming from cannabis sales and sales of the galaxy estrone series actually went down 59% compared to the Galaxy S10 sees from last year that is actually a huge drop in number in the United States market. In comparison Apple is absolutely dominating the game according to canalys the main leader is the iPhone 11 still being the champ the phone that Apple announced for $700 rocking the same processor and the same camera as the thousand plus dollar pro iPhone 11C so definitely, it is still a value in the eyes

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 MOUTHFUL | Snapdragon Least SOC

Since Samsung released its first foldable smartphone the Galaxy Fold last year, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if this year’s foldable flagship was named the Galaxy Fold 2. But it seems that’s not what’s its actuallygoing to be called. Samsung is changing the naming scheme a littlebit and will market it as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It seems Samsung’s foldable smartphone willfall under the Z umbrella now. First, it was the Z flip and now the GalaxyZ Fold 2. There is no arguing that it is a mouthful,and at 19 characters almost a full sentence all by itself. But it makes sense as Samsung thinks the foldablesmartphones are the future which I totally agree and they are going to launch a plethoraof foldable devices in the near future. So branching them under one brand makes totalsense as it simplifies their product portfolio. Anyway, we have some more details about theGalaxy Z Fold 2. First up, Ben Geskin made this render videobased on the leaks which depict what we can expect from this handset. Ice Universe revealed a few days ago thatthe punch hole cutout on the inside display will be at an off-center position becauseof the lack of space inside. The rear camera setup will be similar to theGalaxy S20+ which means there won’t be a periscope zoom camera on this phone. Finally, the outer display will be biggermaking the handset useful when closed. Also, the original Galaxy Fold was shippedwith a 15W of charger but with the Z Fold 2 Samsung will step it up to 25W accordingto the latest 3C certification. All of their recent flagships come equippedwith 25W charger so it isn’t surprising to see the same with the Z Fold 2. The battery capacity of this handset is 4365mAhso it’ll take less than an hour for this charger to charge it from 0 to 100. Also a couple of days ago we heard that theZ Fold 2 will not be affordable as previous rumors claimed it to be. The leaked prices for Greece were 2200 Eurosand we have another European leaker confirming that the handset will be indeed priced over2000 euros. He also says the handset won’t be availableto purchase till the end of September or maybe even later due to the production hurdles. Anyway, Samsung will launch the handset alongsidethe Galaxy Note 20 on August 5 in an online-only unpacked event. So one of biggest reasons flagship phonesare so expensive in 2020 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset as not only its bigger in sizebut it also needed OEMs to purchase a separate 5G modem. In 2021, however, Qualcomm is expected toship the Snapdragon 875 with an integrated 5G modem. Thereby reducing the costs. But recently there was a rumor that Snapdragon875 is going to be at least $100 more expensive than the 865. The Snapdragon 865 costs around $150, so the875 was expected to cost $250. This scared a lot of people because this hikein price will be carried over to us by these smartphone companies. This means the S20 Ultra with 865 costs $1400,so the S21 Ultra could cost $1500 or even more. But thankfully turns out it was a baselessrumor. The chief of Android Police confirmed throughhis sources that the rumor isn’t true as he says and I quote, Qualcomm will feel marketpressure from the economic downturn as much as anyone. I expect they will very much take this intoaccount on how 875 is priced. So this is a relief. There was also a rumor that Samsung will usethe Snapdragon 865 on the Galaxy S21 because of the high prices which we can be sure isn’ttrue either.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Leaks & Rumers

So every version of Samsung’s main flagshipshave two different processors and which one you’ll get depends on where you live and itisn’t something they’ve been doing recently. Samsung has been dual sourcing chipsets goingas far back as the Galaxy Note 3, which debuted back in 2013. The upcoming Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will also have two different processors. The US and Canada will get the newly announcedSnapdragon 865+ processor which by the way is the first mobile chipset to surpass the3GHz CPU clock speed ceiling. Not only that but it also offers a 10% increasein both CPU and GPU speeds compared to the Snapdragon 865 released earlier this yearwith the Galaxy S20 family. So folks over at the US will get a fasterand improved Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. But the rest of the world will have to dealwith an inferior product yet again. Earlier there were rumors that Samsung willequip a new 6nm Exynos 992 processor on the Galaxy Note 20 to compensate for the performancedisparity we had with the Galaxy S20 variants where the difference between the Exynos andSnapdragon variants of the S20 was almost 20%. But it looks like that’s not happening. Ice Universe tweeted that Samsung will continuewith the Exynos 990 processor in the Galaxy Note 20. Max Weinbach also confirmed that there areno references to any new chipset in the firmware except the Snapdragon 865+ and hence the Note20 and Note 20 Ultra will use Exynos 990. This is bad! I mean really bad because the performancedisparity on the Note 20 variants and between Exynos and Snapdragon will further increasecompared to the S20 where it was 20%. Now it may go up to 30%. That’s huge! That’s the type of difference you would expectfrom a mid-ranger and a high-end flagship. I really don’t understand what’s going onin Samsung’s mind. How do they even think that selling the samehandset for the same price but one with an inferior performance is even fair to theirconsumers? People were already mad about the disparityon the S20 but now this is taking it to another level. This is only acceptable if they sell the Note20 and Note 20 Ultra at cheaper prices to the Exynos regions compared to the US butI’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen either. Now, if you’re still not furious with thenews I have another one that will surely make you lose your nerves. Apparently the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that Jimmyhas doesn’t support 120Hz at QHD+ resolution. You can only use it at FHD+ and if you wantQHD+ you need to turn down the refresh rate to 60Hz just like the Galaxy S20. Jimmy says the Note 20 Ultra that he has ison a pre-release software so there is a possibility that Samsung may add the support for QHD+at 120 in the final retail version. So there’s still a possibility albeit a veryslim one. Anyway, we have live pictures of the GalaxyTab S7+ thanks to the certification authority Safety Korea’s website. It looks exactly like the renders we saw afew weeks ago. Not only that but we also have the officialpress renders of the Galaxy Buds beans which is one of the weirdest wearables I’ve seenever. Samsung will offer it in three color variantsincluding that metallic bronze. These will have active noise cancellationsomething we don’t have on the buds+. The rumored price for this $150 cheaper thanthe buds+. Of course for all the latest updates on the galaxy Note 20

Mi Note 11 120X Zoom | Upcoming Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 with 120x Zoom

Xiaomi in the works one, which is an Ultra high-end Flagship and there’s another which is going to be maybe a mid-range or upper mid-range type of phone with some excellent specs a new camera system and the new one. Oh, the eight-megapixel image sensor may be called the HM2 and a long Zoom range as I have mentioned in previous videos. It looks like now we know a bit more information about the specs and what they might

Be going in to start with a long as Zoom range and a 108-megapixel image sensor. People are putting two and two together and saying that this may well be the CC 10 as it might be called in China Otherwise Known outside of China as the meat note 11. Yes, me 9-11 already as I mentioned before the Prototype units that Xiaomi working on and some of the specs that they are working on is an I don’t even know why they’re doing this but 20 times Zoom range and as I said that one, oh eight-megapixel sensor a new image sensor called the HM2 not as premium as the HMX that they use in their money ten series, but still when I make a pixels smaller sensor smaller pixels a lot of the news and rumours online right now are suggesting that there may be 12 times optical zoom because 12 times ten is a hundred and twenty. That’s usually how it works. However other

Leaks from China and Incredibly reliable sources say that the phone itself doesn’t have 12 times optical zoom or ten times optical zoom. Xiaomi may be cropping into the image sensor to achieve 120 times digital Zoom. If they end up putting that in the product, we do have to be careful about these things. So because Chamois often work on the very high end or very Punchy specs and sometimes they don’t always come to the final product. What seems certain about Device from reliable leakers though is hm. Two one. Oh, eight-megapixel image sensor a big Zoom range as well. And if we can assume that everything is going to get upgraded a little bit into the CC 10 or me 9-11 that means a very very high-end design for this mid-range phone a curved OLED screen as well. Do we hope for 90 hurts? I hope so I have to win see also talking about the chipset of the phone a lot of the rumours outside of China have mentioned a brand-new and as

It’s completely unknown unseen chips are called the Snapdragon at seven seven five again. We know absolutely nothing about this chipset. We don’t know if it’s real. We don’t know if it’s coming. Those are the rumours though seven seven five. Hopefully it is a mid-range chipset. The cc9 used mid-range tips are the seven six five G, or similar would be fine in that phone. So again, we’ll have to wait and see, but rooms are for a new Snapdragon chipset the seven seven five.

Xiaomi Redmi 10X Pro 5G Review & Specifications

Redmi 10x Pro ! Why is Pro ?

It does add some hardware and functions over the non-pro most notably a bigger better camera system and also faster charging as well. But the look and feel of the phone are the same as the non-pro they have the same design. The same dimensions the same features. So you get the same camera bump as well. But inside that camera bump, there are a lot of differences between the two you still get USB C at the bottom and the headphone jack mono speaker as well. So that is the same as the non provision. One of the bigger differences though is the charging specs 33 walk fast charging on the pro version versus 22 on the non-pro that is a big difference and a good SPAC you do get the same screen as well. Well, which is a 60 hertz AMOLED panel. Good-looking AMOLED screen know I refresh rates the same screen as the non-pro and the same feel and the look on the front as well. You get that selfie camera in the notch. However, the selfie camera is different 20 megapixels on this one versus the 16 megapixel of the non-pro and the fingerprint sensor again is the same as that phone fast effective not the fastest I’ve tried but certainly does the job. The selfie camera does have a few more megapixels.

That isn’t going to fundamentally change the way the self is look but you’d have to assume that because it is different and on the pro version it is going to be a slightly better camera. Overall. You do get the media take 820 chipset a brand new chipset debuted in these phones and so far with this phone and the other phone. I’m impressed with this chipset, especially for the price. It gives great bang for buck. It’s powerful. It gets good Benchmark results and the The image processing from a mediatek chips that has been good as well especially for the price and this is something amazing that you get in the pro version. Remember the price of this phone. This is really like a mid for Budget mid range type of phone in terms of price. But you get an amazing three times optical zoom camera in this phone and you get up to 30 times Zoom range as well. Not only that but you get a awesome slider bar in the camera app, which reminds me a lot.

The s-trans the ultra is so easy to fix through all of the settings up to 30 times. Yeah, you can see is very shaky. However, I will show you some images in a minute. It does take good images from that. I’m impressed that I can get this Zoom range and also the ease of using the camera app from this phone similar to the non-pro, I would say the ultra wide is a little bit dark. It doesn’t have the best dynamic range, but it can take good-looking shots. The selfie camera is surprisingly good. Good good portrait shots as well images from this phone are very good. It is a very capable camera. You do lose dynamic range of that Zoom range camera though macro mode from that depth sensor at 5 megapixels. That is something that you don’t get on the non-pro and it is really good as well. There is a 4K option you can record in 4k, but there is no stabilization as you can see here. I suggest just putting it down to 1080p. It’s a much much better looking image. It doesn’t

Good job in stabilization. So I would use it in 1080P all the time. And that’s you putting it on a tripod or you’ve got a gimbal a manual covered. But for cage well, very respectable video and images from this phone. I would say the 4K the 1080p. It’s really good for this type of phone as well. It’s punching above its weight. Also a really good feature as you can see me recording now. This is the three times telephoto lens even on other read me phones and a lot of other Every phones you can’t record off the zoom lens. Still, you can on this phone so you can record off the ultra wide like you can see here the main and the three times telephoto that’s a another really good feature for this range of phone.

The dynamic range isn’t up to Flagship standards, but definitely for a mid-range. It is punishing. Protest of the selfie camera. Let me know what you think of it. I don’t think there’s too much stabilization on here, which definitely would be welcome. But xiaomi don’t have it on their more expensive and so not going to be the best on this budget phone. Still, overall, I think it takes a pretty decent images does the job well. The camera system overall is just really good considering the price that Zoom range 3 times Optical 30 times digital and the zoom slider. It’s a really good feature overall. Just the Analogy you get the zoom range the video on the zoom and the ultra wide. Good shots pleased with this phone’s camera overall. Yes. I have mentioned the price and the bang for your buck a lot. Here is the Chinese price. It is not going to be the same in your country. It’s probably going to be a bit more expensive, but I can only go on what I paid for this device when it comes to gaming too.

Once again is just a pleasing phone to use a mid-range phone, but you can use Pub G in higher frame rate settings, even though you don’t get a high refresh. Straight on this phone. It does help out gaming is smooth. Absolutely. No issues whatsoever and it’s just a pleasure on this phone. I would say the only thing missing from this phone is that high refresh rate screen, but unfortunately at this price some compromises have to be made and a high refresh rate. OLED screen is safe for those high end shall be fights. I’m much much prefer a 60 hertz OLED over a 120 hours LCD. That’s just me personally.

You may be different but overall this is a great phone and I can’t believe how much read me shout me have fit into this phone for the price. It has got a lot going through this phone and I’m trying not to blow too much smoke up of its backside. But yeah, the mediatek 820 chipset cheaper than the Snapdragon chip sets and for me, they’ve worked on a lot of things especially the image processing and overall. I just think this phone for the price does a great job

Redmi Note 9 Pro Upcoming Smartphone

Xiaomi Smartphone

Let me know Redmi Note 9 pro have this phone over take my previous favorite budget phone, which is the redmi Note 8 Pro what differences in our braces is the load 9 Pro have of the know a pro to make it the new budget came with the redmi note 9 a pro red meat have made two key upgrades that I personally really like the first one is that fingerprint sensor being moved to the side? I cannot tell you how much better it is on the side over on the back. It is a personal thing for me. But if you do have a fingerprint sensor for me is side is the best place for it. When you pick up the phone, you can register your thumbprint. So when you’re picking it up is essentially just unlocks the phone before you’ve even lifted the phone. It’s definitely a good move moving it from the back to the side the design know in general from the node a pro. They’re very very similar a few small differences. They both have USBC. They both have that mono speaker and headphone jack IR Says, well you let me know 9 Pro actually has a bigger screen and you also get this really modern 2020 design the whole punch yourself. I don’t think there’s a huge difference between hole punches and not cheers. Maybe the notch takes up a little bit more of the screen and the whole bunch actually Blends in when you’re watching videos or playing games and sort of Blends in a little bit more if we’re definitely not a huge difference between what I do like about the design on the Note 9 Pro though is the The edges and also the back it’s just a little bit more modern and it does fit in with all the rest of the grid with designs like the rhythmic a 30 Pro. It has very similar edges. So it definitely looks similar to even that more expensive phone. So definitely a more modern design, but that night provide another big change from you know, a pro definitely is the processor then I ate Pro going with a mediatek chipset and that that actually does give a lot of power for the price, but you know line Switching into a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 720G the reason they did this is because in the markets the this fire sales in 5G is just not a thing right now, but in trying to fight the isn’t things they have some separate funds for that market but the 720 G is an upgrade of mid-range budget mid-range chipset, but no 5G keeps the price down, but you get a good solid chipset in there for Snapdragon the camera Hardware from the note a pro actually has a change too. To March into 64 megapixel main sensor and 8 megapixel ultra-wide this time you get a 5 megapixel macro and active magnets death. However, because you’ve got the Snapdragon chipset in here, you do benefit from snapdragons ISP that given the signal processor some image processing and I think you get some really good results. I drool I think the quality from the ultra wide and in video has taken a fairly decent Step Up considering how close the phones are about six months apart. It does give you a lot of options. This price is set to medium get the ultra wide. There is no soup camera here without hitting the camera app. It does go to two times Zoom automatically. You can zoom in all the way to 10 times Zoom when you’re taking photos six times Zoom when you think another thing that I really did notice over the note 9 pro is the haptics and this is something that never really gets a lot of press or any people talking about it, but I think it’s a really important aspect of the phone note 9 Pro. They’re just a little More powerful little bit more clicky rather than on the Node a pro which is definitely the older style of haptic feedback. It’s quite dull and is quite slow to react so differently on the line Pro they have improved the actives. So do we have a new Budget King? Well, there’ll be no time travel isn’t really a direct successor to the note a pro. He’s definitely a slightly different phone is for modern. So you get the side-mounted fingerprint sensor you get the whole bunch cut out instead of the notch. But they are the different processes. It is not just one generation to the next so it’s a different type of phone and definitely will appeal to a different type of audience but considering the price and the Snapdragon chipset. The more modern design to get is definitely a really good budget phone and read me have done yet. Another good job really read me the budget King brand another great budget phone.

Upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 | Oppo Ace 2 | Vivo X50 Gimbal Smartphone

Mi Mix Alpha 2 :

Towards the tail end of last year. Xiaomi showed off this literally unbelievable smartphone the mix Alpha it literally shocked the smartphone world and I don’t think that’s hyperbole because I’ve never ever seen anything like this before it wasn’t really leaked before they announced it either and when it came on stage everyone literally was shocked. It featured many new technologies not least that incredible Quan rapping as they call it in China, which is Translated as surround screen their brand new at the time. Anyway, 108 megapixel main image sensor no-selfie cameras. They were needed you just turn the phone around and take selfies in the back screen. I was lucky enough to go and see one in person as well and it is not like any other smartphone a truly amazing concept phone that xiaomi actually said on the launch date would become available for sale, but it never did. So how on Earth are we getting a second? Ocean of a phone that was never available in the first place. Well, this is from a very reputable. Xiaomi leaker in China saying that we are actually getting a second generation of the mix Alpha and it could be even more crazy than the first generation at least more expensive to we also coincidentally get some images shared by some. Xiaomi employees on social media showing off the original mix Alpha obviously. Xiaomi a trying to drum. A bit of attention here and the leak from China saying that they are working on a second gen not much is known about the device other than it will be more expensive May feature the latest Android chipset which would be the Snapdragon 865. But other than that, we don’t know if the design is changing or whether xiaomi will actually try and sell this I think they will try and sell it because the first generation obviously just had too many production issues and they couldn’t get it to Market. They weren’t happy with the quality. You and it might have had a lot of bad press for them. The second generation just like we’re seeing with the Galaxy fold to is probably the one that is going to run and really be good press for shouting also are coming for xiaomi though and a little bit more achievable or their next Flagship phones.

Apparently, they are working on two models in a flagship lineup that will include much better 120 hertz refresh rate screens. These have been rumored for a very long time possibly a new. Xiaomi. Mix phone or a xiaomi mi 10s, which would be a second half upgrade to be me 10. Nothing much is known about the phones, but you can expect all of the latest and greatest from xiaomi. So 50 watt plus fast charging. As I said, the very highest refresh rate screens the best processor and we’ll find out about the cameras near the time but exciting times for xiaomi And even if a new prototype like the mix Alpha 2 comes along I really want to see it.

Oppo Ace 2 :

Also in smartphone use today Oppo have released a special version of the opposed to it is an Evangelion special edition of the a stew and everything is themed it looks really really unique. This is what is so cool about the Android world. You can get these really one of smartphones especially if you’re a collector of this type of stuff. Maybe you’ll be interested in it. The price was 4,000 399 RMB in China. I think that is Little bit more expensive than the a stew but obviously this is a really unique product launched online by Oppo today have that inning is really cool.

Vivo X50 Gimabl Smartphone

And also in your smartphone news Vivo x 50 and x50 probe. They are launching very soon. We get even more official information from Vivo and all they are doing with this is showing off that main camera with their very unique gimbal stabilization as we know we got the leaks a few days ago. Now these going to be mid-range phones on the Chipset anyway, Snapdragon 7 6 5 G but they have 90 hurts refresh rate screens very good-looking as well. And I think this is a really good-looking phone overall. But the stand out feature is that gimbal camera the image quality maybe won’t match up to flagships though. It’s not a flagship SOC in there and that is so important for Imaging but really unique gimbal camera on that one and let’s wait and see just how good it is.

OnePlus Z New Smartphone | One plus Air Buds | Xiaomi Mi Band

Oneplus Z Upcoming Smartphone with OnePlus Air Buds and Mi Band

It seems the countdown to be Oneplus Z has become a new era for one plus a new strategy for one plus and statement by the CEO giving us the best idea yet at what we can expect from One Plus in the future starting of course with the oneplus Z, which is going to be a more affordable phone for them. Essentially. That’s what they told us and more products to and I think the 1 plus Z is going to be their most important phone for a very long time even more. To the company and my + 8 series even though those will be better phones one plus Z is super important for one plus as a brand y so well because not many people buy $1000 Android flagships. Just look at the sales numbers. They don’t sell in big volume the sales and the money is in the mid-range with the Android world and one plus have shied away from that. Well, it looks like they’re going back to that now one plastic CEO said And out a letter in Chinese, but also gave some interviews translated into English as well. So we know exactly what their plan is first. We can expect lots more non-smartphone products and read into that. Well earbuds like the OnePlus parts that should be coming in July with the one plus C. We’ve actually got some glyphs and some images of the designs of the OnePlus parts and apparently they will be called the OnePlus buds shared online by a few different people. Also we got this tweet from Roland clients, who is a very

Bleeker when it comes to One plus with the word noise inside some asterisks. So can we assume that the OnePlus buds are going to have active noise cancellation. I really really hope so. I wonder if they will maybe look a little bit similar to the real meat buds Neo that were released recently the images of the OnePlus baths and the Neo buds do look fairly similar One plus also finally opened up officially about their investment structure and how closely they Are linked to for example a poet and real me which is really interesting. We all of course already know that One plus op overrule me essentially owned and managed by the same group and one plus essentially admitted that telling us that the Investment Group is called O+ a kind of strange name I guess but it makes sense. If it’s Oppo plus one plus o plus makes sense, but now real me as well and you can just see the three brands very very similar. Tiger all but with their future plans. It looks like more affordable products are going to be coming soon and may actually be launched in India first even before China as one plus has done a couple of times. It looks like India essentially is their main focus for bringing way more products. They already have a TV launched there. And actually I think one plus were maybe a little taken back by real meas success in the region going from literally nothing not even a brand or a company to seven or eight percent of the market in. One year, which is just incredible and 1 plus I guess looked at that and just said we want a piece of that pie too. Also in the news today. Xiaomi Mi band 5 it is coming very soon and we may have just got our first look this is again shared by Roland client and xiaomi in Germany may have just leaked the design of the me band 5 as we can see here. It looks almost identical to the me banned for although we don’t know about the internal changes. We do know that there should be an Extrasensory on the me band 5 to measure blood oxygen levels. We also don’t know about battery life or other things that may be added. But from the surface, it looks very similar to the me banned for but we know that some functions are coming to you than 5 that weren’t available in the previous version. It also looks to be an OLED screen on there. But again, we can’t tell if the screen size has grown it looks the same but we’ll have to see them side-by-side to compare the me band in general is a very popular product one of the best-selling where Balls in the world. I’m sure the rebound five is going to be the same

Foco F2 Pro is a big Deal With 8K Video ! Xiaomi New Smartphone 2020

Poco phone F2 Pro the successor one of the successors to the super super hyped poco phone for 2018. So this phone like the first one will not be on sale in the US but in markets like India and the Philippines this phone is fire for about 500 bucks when you translate it. So it’s not quite the same thing as the original which was like the maximum value for $300, but hey, I’m okay with that. And they also have the regular poco phone F2 if you want that, but this phone is really interesting from the inside out. This one checks allow the boxes you’d expect to find in a high-end phone and I guess basically they’re adding the word Pro here at that just kind of means better. So from the overall build quality to all the specs and all the numbers on paper and all the included features it looking pretty complete. Not only is it a pretty big phone but you pick it up and you immediately notice it’s built. Well, it’s solid to the point where it’s actually a little heavier than I expected. And it’s made of metal and glass so it doesn’t Creak or Flex at all. And then you get plenty of extras. The little accent color for the power button is sweet and was the last time you saw a phone with both a headphone jack and an IR blaster that is a rare combo for 2020. Now the top of the phone also has that pop up camera with an LED notification light and you get this sweet Emerald color which you know, I know pretty much every high-end phone now is a glass sandwich so it’s kind of getting

The boat but at least it still feels good in the hand. And then of course the piece de resistance as I say it is this this huge full screen corner to corner uninterrupted display in case you haven’t noticed there are a lot of hole punch cameras out there now and so this doesn’t have a hole punch doesn’t have a notch and it’s doing my favorite method of getting rid of the hole punch camera and the selfie camera it will pop up. So now you have a full screen corner to corner display 6.67 in Inches of 1080p ammo lead and it’s a flat display to no fancy curved glass which I am totally fine with its HDR 10 plus certified and it gets up to a comfortable but not incredible 500 nits. I’m just happy we have displays like this on a phone of this price though. It is 60 hertz. And I think if I was spending anymore, I would definitely be looking for high refresh rate. But aside from that it’s clear that the standout feature of this already. Great Hardware package is the screen the thing for Underneath is pretty good, too at this point. It’s also kind of cool at this is pretty much standard, you know, this used to be a high-end only feature, but now it’s started to trickle down and it seems like the optical fingerprint reader under the glass is cheap enough that almost any phone can include it and in the pop-up camera here has just a little extra little little extra flare to it. It’s got the LEDs on the module itself. And actually if you go into the special features section in the settings, you can configure the front camera effects and really customize the the sound effects. Like color for every time you open that front facing camera.

It also gives you a warning if you’re doing it too many times. Anyway, on top of all that it comes with this clear case, which I’m learning people really like especially for getting rid of that little camera bump on the back. This isn’t a $900 phone is there’s a little bit of rainbow banding on the display from off-axis. And then also these rounded Corners. I just noticed the lower end phones for whatever reason just usually have more of swooping bigger Corner radius while the higher end phones can tighten that up make it sharper more boxy other trade-offs. You can’t tell just from holding it. There is no wireless charging despite the glass back and there’s also no IP official IP water does Resistance rating those things cost money. Oh and I just the vibration motor as it buzzes in my hand i’m reminded about it. Now, you can’t necessarily tell that it is a cheap phone because of a bad vibration motor because there are expensive phones with bad vibration Motors to but it’s just it’s never something you unnoticed unless you turn haptics off you’ll constantly be reminded about a bad rattly vibration motor petition for everyone to just work on those. Just just make those There’s a single mono speaker at the bottom of this phone, which is bad news on the spec sheet, but honestly, it gets surprisingly loud and crisp and doesn’t even really distort that much at all at high volumes. I was listening to a YouTube podcast maximum volume from across the room and it was doing great. This might be the best single mono speaker I’ve ever heard in a phone now it is you can still block the whole thing with one finger. That’s the downside of a single mono speaker, but they made it work here. I’ve been using this phone for a couple days and it’s got a lot of Rarities from the 1 plus 8 Pro. I was just coming from including same chip Snapdragon 865 which means it’s also 5G enabled. It’s about the same size as that phone and the battery life here was actually better. It’s got a hefty forty-seven hundred million power cell and it’s only powering a 1080p 60 hertz display. So you’d expect great battery and it delivers great battery and for bonus points that comes with this Hefty boy in the Box. This is a 30 watt fast charger comes with the $500. Now as you can tell this is not a u.s. Plug so I’ve been charging it at regular speeds with the charger. I already have but good battery life plus fast charging in the Box means I’m fine with no wireless charging. Okay. So this phone has quad cameras on the back and Camera.

Press here are word becomes a little more obvious, especially to me. If you’re pretending to be a high-end Flagship versus actually being a high-end flagship phone. Now when you hear 64 megapixel quad camera array capable of 8K video. I mean that’s a pretty good set of numbers on paper now that I’ve used it. I’ll say this camera system is capable, but it’s not quite the crazy high end. You might expect just from the numbers the main camera. It’s solid. It is a 64 megapixel sensor, but it’s going to spit out 16 megapixel images by default and you can see they look fine. You know, I’m not complaining. They aren’t amazing photos. They’re not particularly sharp or great with colors or dynamic range or anything like that, but nothing’s terrible about them either until you get to Like so that’s fine. You wouldn’t be buying this phone. You shouldn’t be buying this phone for impressive image quality at a low price. You know, that would be you’d be looking along the lines of pixel 3A or iPhone. Se but unlike those phones. This one also has an ultra wide camera which is you know, cool to have it’s a lot softer and not nearly as good of a camera as the main one, but at least it’s fun. It serves its purpose for larger subjects and that wider field of view and then there’s two more cameras there. Is a 5-megapixel macro camera and a 2-megapixel depth camera. Now you may have been ready to write those off. You might have thought I was going to write those off but I used them expecting to write them off and I was actually fairly impressed the depth camera seems to be doing at least something for portrait mode shots. I don’t use portrait mode much but the cutouts here look good, maybe a little artificial if anything and the 5 megapixel macro camera is actually decent now, I’ve been shooting down all those two megapixel macro cameras pretty hard this year because they’re just bad. They look bad but somewhere I guess between Those two megapixel macros and this 5 megapixel the shots got a little more usable. And now macro shooting is actually fun. You can get some interesting results colors are a little muted but overall I’m not mad at them for including this one. And then the selfie camera is again fine. It’s about on par with the main camera. It’s funny. They don’t they don’t Watermark this selfies by default, but they do Watermark everything else. But yeah, look at the details. Look at the fibers the soft cotton. Shop that it could be a It’s beautiful. Even the 8K video is usable on this phone. Now. It’s kind of funny. It actually lags pretty hard when recording and playing back that 8K video on the phone, which I thought was a pretty bad sign but then I imported it and look at it on the computer and it looks fine. So overall this is a capable camera system. It’s fun. It’s not going to give you the best quality images and you should look elsewhere if you want that but as far as a decent quad camera setup For 500 bucks this so nailed that really the software is probably the only reason I couldn’t rock this phone every day MIUI.