Redmi Note 9 Pro Upcoming Smartphone

Xiaomi Smartphone Let me know Redmi Note 9 pro have this phone over take my previous favorite budget phone, which is the redmi Note 8 Pro what differences in our braces is the load 9 Pro have of the know a pro to make it the new budget came with the redmi note 9 a […]

Upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 | Oppo Ace 2 | Vivo X50 Gimbal Smartphone

Mi Mix Alpha 2 : Towards the tail end of last year. Xiaomi showed off this literally unbelievable smartphone the mix Alpha it literally shocked the smartphone world and I don’t think that’s hyperbole because I’ve never ever seen anything like this before it wasn’t really leaked before they announced it either and when it […]

OnePlus Z New Smartphone | One plus Air Buds | Xiaomi Mi Band

Oneplus Z Upcoming Smartphone with OnePlus Air Buds and Mi Band It seems the countdown to be Oneplus Z has become a new era for one plus a new strategy for one plus and statement by the CEO giving us the best idea yet at what we can expect from One Plus in the future […]

Foco F2 Pro is a big Deal With 8K Video ! Xiaomi New Smartphone 2020

Poco phone F2 Pro the successor one of the successors to the super super hyped poco phone for 2018. So this phone like the first one will not be on sale in the US but in markets like India and the Philippines this phone is fire for about 500 bucks when you translate it. So […]

High Security and Low Price VPN ! Which Your Choice ? Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN contact me and ask me if I want to partner with them and I’ve seen remember thinking but not heard of social VPN, but I’ll give it a go see if I like it and I did it does everything you Need a VPN to do like give you that peace of mind […]

Why Smartphone Over Price ? Smartphone Price Increase 2020

Is Smartphone Over Price 2020 ? Price of ferns is going up fast, but why like, how can an apple get away with charging nearly $1,500 for top-spec iPhone or Samsung $1,600 for an S20 Ultra and maybe more confusing for some is oneplus a company that has built their entire reputation on creating affordable […]

Huawei Master Plan ! Huawei Harmony Operating Systems Future Plan ? Google & Huawei

Misinformation about what quo is she up to right now? They’re making Android phones, but with new Google services, they have their own app store. But some things are missing from it. We has their own operating system. They’ve developed from scratch called Harmony OS this is huge news, but no one seems to really […]

Xfinity Mobile Change In This Year ? Review Xfinity Smartphone

Now, these aren’t very big changes, but I do think that is very useful to know if you’re already in expend any mobile customer or if you are thinking about becoming an expending Mobile customer these changes may or may not sway you to stick with them or to look somewhere else now they sent […]