Oneplus Z Upcoming Smartphone with OnePlus Air Buds and Mi Band

It seems the countdown to be Oneplus Z has become a new era for one plus a new strategy for one plus and statement by the CEO giving us the best idea yet at what we can expect from One Plus in the future starting of course with the oneplus Z, which is going to be a more affordable phone for them. Essentially. That’s what they told us and more products to and I think the 1 plus Z is going to be their most important phone for a very long time even more. To the company and my + 8 series even though those will be better phones one plus Z is super important for one plus as a brand y so well because not many people buy $1000 Android flagships. Just look at the sales numbers. They don’t sell in big volume the sales and the money is in the mid-range with the Android world and one plus have shied away from that. Well, it looks like they’re going back to that now one plastic CEO said And out a letter in Chinese, but also gave some interviews translated into English as well. So we know exactly what their plan is first. We can expect lots more non-smartphone products and read into that. Well earbuds like the OnePlus parts that should be coming in July with the one plus C. We’ve actually got some glyphs and some images of the designs of the OnePlus parts and apparently they will be called the OnePlus buds shared online by a few different people. Also we got this tweet from Roland clients, who is a very

Bleeker when it comes to One plus with the word noise inside some asterisks. So can we assume that the OnePlus buds are going to have active noise cancellation. I really really hope so. I wonder if they will maybe look a little bit similar to the real meat buds Neo that were released recently the images of the OnePlus baths and the Neo buds do look fairly similar One plus also finally opened up officially about their investment structure and how closely they Are linked to for example a poet and real me which is really interesting. We all of course already know that One plus op overrule me essentially owned and managed by the same group and one plus essentially admitted that telling us that the Investment Group is called O+ a kind of strange name I guess but it makes sense. If it’s Oppo plus one plus o plus makes sense, but now real me as well and you can just see the three brands very very similar. Tiger all but with their future plans. It looks like more affordable products are going to be coming soon and may actually be launched in India first even before China as one plus has done a couple of times. It looks like India essentially is their main focus for bringing way more products. They already have a TV launched there. And actually I think one plus were maybe a little taken back by real meas success in the region going from literally nothing not even a brand or a company to seven or eight percent of the market in. One year, which is just incredible and 1 plus I guess looked at that and just said we want a piece of that pie too. Also in the news today. Xiaomi Mi band 5 it is coming very soon and we may have just got our first look this is again shared by Roland client and xiaomi in Germany may have just leaked the design of the me band 5 as we can see here. It looks almost identical to the me banned for although we don’t know about the internal changes. We do know that there should be an Extrasensory on the me band 5 to measure blood oxygen levels. We also don’t know about battery life or other things that may be added. But from the surface, it looks very similar to the me banned for but we know that some functions are coming to you than 5 that weren’t available in the previous version. It also looks to be an OLED screen on there. But again, we can’t tell if the screen size has grown it looks the same but we’ll have to see them side-by-side to compare the me band in general is a very popular product one of the best-selling where Balls in the world. I’m sure the rebound five is going to be the same

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