Mi Mix Alpha 2 :

Towards the tail end of last year. Xiaomi showed off this literally unbelievable smartphone the mix Alpha it literally shocked the smartphone world and I don’t think that’s hyperbole because I’ve never ever seen anything like this before it wasn’t really leaked before they announced it either and when it came on stage everyone literally was shocked. It featured many new technologies not least that incredible Quan rapping as they call it in China, which is Translated as surround screen their brand new at the time. Anyway, 108 megapixel main image sensor no-selfie cameras. They were needed you just turn the phone around and take selfies in the back screen. I was lucky enough to go and see one in person as well and it is not like any other smartphone a truly amazing concept phone that xiaomi actually said on the launch date would become available for sale, but it never did. So how on Earth are we getting a second? Ocean of a phone that was never available in the first place. Well, this is from a very reputable. Xiaomi leaker in China saying that we are actually getting a second generation of the mix Alpha and it could be even more crazy than the first generation at least more expensive to we also coincidentally get some images shared by some. Xiaomi employees on social media showing off the original mix Alpha obviously. Xiaomi a trying to drum. A bit of attention here and the leak from China saying that they are working on a second gen not much is known about the device other than it will be more expensive May feature the latest Android chipset which would be the Snapdragon 865. But other than that, we don’t know if the design is changing or whether xiaomi will actually try and sell this I think they will try and sell it because the first generation obviously just had too many production issues and they couldn’t get it to Market. They weren’t happy with the quality. You and it might have had a lot of bad press for them. The second generation just like we’re seeing with the Galaxy fold to is probably the one that is going to run and really be good press for shouting also are coming for xiaomi though and a little bit more achievable or their next Flagship phones.

Apparently, they are working on two models in a flagship lineup that will include much better 120 hertz refresh rate screens. These have been rumored for a very long time possibly a new. Xiaomi. Mix phone or a xiaomi mi 10s, which would be a second half upgrade to be me 10. Nothing much is known about the phones, but you can expect all of the latest and greatest from xiaomi. So 50 watt plus fast charging. As I said, the very highest refresh rate screens the best processor and we’ll find out about the cameras near the time but exciting times for xiaomi And even if a new prototype like the mix Alpha 2 comes along I really want to see it.

Oppo Ace 2 :

Also in smartphone use today Oppo have released a special version of the opposed to it is an Evangelion special edition of the a stew and everything is themed it looks really really unique. This is what is so cool about the Android world. You can get these really one of smartphones especially if you’re a collector of this type of stuff. Maybe you’ll be interested in it. The price was 4,000 399 RMB in China. I think that is Little bit more expensive than the a stew but obviously this is a really unique product launched online by Oppo today have that inning is really cool.

Vivo X50 Gimabl Smartphone

And also in your smartphone news Vivo x 50 and x50 probe. They are launching very soon. We get even more official information from Vivo and all they are doing with this is showing off that main camera with their very unique gimbal stabilization as we know we got the leaks a few days ago. Now these going to be mid-range phones on the Chipset anyway, Snapdragon 7 6 5 G but they have 90 hurts refresh rate screens very good-looking as well. And I think this is a really good-looking phone overall. But the stand out feature is that gimbal camera the image quality maybe won’t match up to flagships though. It’s not a flagship SOC in there and that is so important for Imaging but really unique gimbal camera on that one and let’s wait and see just how good it is.

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