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Let me know Redmi Note 9 pro have this phone over take my previous favorite budget phone, which is the redmi Note 8 Pro what differences in our braces is the load 9 Pro have of the know a pro to make it the new budget came with the redmi note 9 a pro red meat have made two key upgrades that I personally really like the first one is that fingerprint sensor being moved to the side? I cannot tell you how much better it is on the side over on the back. It is a personal thing for me. But if you do have a fingerprint sensor for me is side is the best place for it. When you pick up the phone, you can register your thumbprint. So when you’re picking it up is essentially just unlocks the phone before you’ve even lifted the phone. It’s definitely a good move moving it from the back to the side the design know in general from the node a pro. They’re very very similar a few small differences. They both have USBC. They both have that mono speaker and headphone jack IR Says, well you let me know 9 Pro actually has a bigger screen and you also get this really modern 2020 design the whole punch yourself. I don’t think there’s a huge difference between hole punches and not cheers. Maybe the notch takes up a little bit more of the screen and the whole bunch actually Blends in when you’re watching videos or playing games and sort of Blends in a little bit more if we’re definitely not a huge difference between what I do like about the design on the Note 9 Pro though is the The edges and also the back it’s just a little bit more modern and it does fit in with all the rest of the grid with designs like the rhythmic a 30 Pro. It has very similar edges. So it definitely looks similar to even that more expensive phone. So definitely a more modern design, but that night provide another big change from you know, a pro definitely is the processor then I ate Pro going with a mediatek chipset and that that actually does give a lot of power for the price, but you know line Switching into a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 720G the reason they did this is because in the markets the this fire sales in 5G is just not a thing right now, but in trying to fight the isn’t things they have some separate funds for that market but the 720 G is an upgrade of mid-range budget mid-range chipset, but no 5G keeps the price down, but you get a good solid chipset in there for Snapdragon the camera Hardware from the note a pro actually has a change too. To March into 64 megapixel main sensor and 8 megapixel ultra-wide this time you get a 5 megapixel macro and active magnets death. However, because you’ve got the Snapdragon chipset in here, you do benefit from snapdragons ISP that given the signal processor some image processing and I think you get some really good results. I drool I think the quality from the ultra wide and in video has taken a fairly decent Step Up considering how close the phones are about six months apart. It does give you a lot of options. This price is set to medium get the ultra wide. There is no soup camera here without hitting the camera app. It does go to two times Zoom automatically. You can zoom in all the way to 10 times Zoom when you’re taking photos six times Zoom when you think another thing that I really did notice over the note 9 pro is the haptics and this is something that never really gets a lot of press or any people talking about it, but I think it’s a really important aspect of the phone note 9 Pro. They’re just a little More powerful little bit more clicky rather than on the Node a pro which is definitely the older style of haptic feedback. It’s quite dull and is quite slow to react so differently on the line Pro they have improved the actives. So do we have a new Budget King? Well, there’ll be no time travel isn’t really a direct successor to the note a pro. He’s definitely a slightly different phone is for modern. So you get the side-mounted fingerprint sensor you get the whole bunch cut out instead of the notch. But they are the different processes. It is not just one generation to the next so it’s a different type of phone and definitely will appeal to a different type of audience but considering the price and the Snapdragon chipset. The more modern design to get is definitely a really good budget phone and read me have done yet. Another good job really read me the budget King brand another great budget phone.

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