Redmi 10x Pro ! Why is Pro ?

It does add some hardware and functions over the non-pro most notably a bigger better camera system and also faster charging as well. But the look and feel of the phone are the same as the non-pro they have the same design. The same dimensions the same features. So you get the same camera bump as well. But inside that camera bump, there are a lot of differences between the two you still get USB C at the bottom and the headphone jack mono speaker as well. So that is the same as the non provision. One of the bigger differences though is the charging specs 33 walk fast charging on the pro version versus 22 on the non-pro that is a big difference and a good SPAC you do get the same screen as well. Well, which is a 60 hertz AMOLED panel. Good-looking AMOLED screen know I refresh rates the same screen as the non-pro and the same feel and the look on the front as well. You get that selfie camera in the notch. However, the selfie camera is different 20 megapixels on this one versus the 16 megapixel of the non-pro and the fingerprint sensor again is the same as that phone fast effective not the fastest I’ve tried but certainly does the job. The selfie camera does have a few more megapixels.

That isn’t going to fundamentally change the way the self is look but you’d have to assume that because it is different and on the pro version it is going to be a slightly better camera. Overall. You do get the media take 820 chipset a brand new chipset debuted in these phones and so far with this phone and the other phone. I’m impressed with this chipset, especially for the price. It gives great bang for buck. It’s powerful. It gets good Benchmark results and the The image processing from a mediatek chips that has been good as well especially for the price and this is something amazing that you get in the pro version. Remember the price of this phone. This is really like a mid for Budget mid range type of phone in terms of price. But you get an amazing three times optical zoom camera in this phone and you get up to 30 times Zoom range as well. Not only that but you get a awesome slider bar in the camera app, which reminds me a lot.

The s-trans the ultra is so easy to fix through all of the settings up to 30 times. Yeah, you can see is very shaky. However, I will show you some images in a minute. It does take good images from that. I’m impressed that I can get this Zoom range and also the ease of using the camera app from this phone similar to the non-pro, I would say the ultra wide is a little bit dark. It doesn’t have the best dynamic range, but it can take good-looking shots. The selfie camera is surprisingly good. Good good portrait shots as well images from this phone are very good. It is a very capable camera. You do lose dynamic range of that Zoom range camera though macro mode from that depth sensor at 5 megapixels. That is something that you don’t get on the non-pro and it is really good as well. There is a 4K option you can record in 4k, but there is no stabilization as you can see here. I suggest just putting it down to 1080p. It’s a much much better looking image. It doesn’t

Good job in stabilization. So I would use it in 1080P all the time. And that’s you putting it on a tripod or you’ve got a gimbal a manual covered. But for cage well, very respectable video and images from this phone. I would say the 4K the 1080p. It’s really good for this type of phone as well. It’s punching above its weight. Also a really good feature as you can see me recording now. This is the three times telephoto lens even on other read me phones and a lot of other Every phones you can’t record off the zoom lens. Still, you can on this phone so you can record off the ultra wide like you can see here the main and the three times telephoto that’s a another really good feature for this range of phone.

The dynamic range isn’t up to Flagship standards, but definitely for a mid-range. It is punishing. Protest of the selfie camera. Let me know what you think of it. I don’t think there’s too much stabilization on here, which definitely would be welcome. But xiaomi don’t have it on their more expensive and so not going to be the best on this budget phone. Still, overall, I think it takes a pretty decent images does the job well. The camera system overall is just really good considering the price that Zoom range 3 times Optical 30 times digital and the zoom slider. It’s a really good feature overall. Just the Analogy you get the zoom range the video on the zoom and the ultra wide. Good shots pleased with this phone’s camera overall. Yes. I have mentioned the price and the bang for your buck a lot. Here is the Chinese price. It is not going to be the same in your country. It’s probably going to be a bit more expensive, but I can only go on what I paid for this device when it comes to gaming too.

Once again is just a pleasing phone to use a mid-range phone, but you can use Pub G in higher frame rate settings, even though you don’t get a high refresh. Straight on this phone. It does help out gaming is smooth. Absolutely. No issues whatsoever and it’s just a pleasure on this phone. I would say the only thing missing from this phone is that high refresh rate screen, but unfortunately at this price some compromises have to be made and a high refresh rate. OLED screen is safe for those high end shall be fights. I’m much much prefer a 60 hertz OLED over a 120 hours LCD. That’s just me personally.

You may be different but overall this is a great phone and I can’t believe how much read me shout me have fit into this phone for the price. It has got a lot going through this phone and I’m trying not to blow too much smoke up of its backside. But yeah, the mediatek 820 chipset cheaper than the Snapdragon chip sets and for me, they’ve worked on a lot of things especially the image processing and overall. I just think this phone for the price does a great job

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