Xiaomi Mi Note 11 with 120x Zoom

Xiaomi in the works one, which is an Ultra high-end Flagship and there’s another which is going to be maybe a mid-range or upper mid-range type of phone with some excellent specs a new camera system and the new one. Oh, the eight-megapixel image sensor may be called the HM2 and a long Zoom range as I have mentioned in previous videos. It looks like now we know a bit more information about the specs and what they might

Be going in to start with a long as Zoom range and a 108-megapixel image sensor. People are putting two and two together and saying that this may well be the CC 10 as it might be called in China Otherwise Known outside of China as the meat note 11. Yes, me 9-11 already as I mentioned before the Prototype units that Xiaomi working on and some of the specs that they are working on is an I don’t even know why they’re doing this but 20 times Zoom range and as I said that one, oh eight-megapixel sensor a new image sensor called the HM2 not as premium as the HMX that they use in their money ten series, but still when I make a pixels smaller sensor smaller pixels a lot of the news and rumours online right now are suggesting that there may be 12 times optical zoom because 12 times ten is a hundred and twenty. That’s usually how it works. However other

Leaks from China and Incredibly reliable sources say that the phone itself doesn’t have 12 times optical zoom or ten times optical zoom. Xiaomi may be cropping into the image sensor to achieve 120 times digital Zoom. If they end up putting that in the product, we do have to be careful about these things. So because Chamois often work on the very high end or very Punchy specs and sometimes they don’t always come to the final product. What seems certain about Device from reliable leakers though is hm. Two one. Oh, eight-megapixel image sensor a big Zoom range as well. And if we can assume that everything is going to get upgraded a little bit into the CC 10 or me 9-11 that means a very very high-end design for this mid-range phone a curved OLED screen as well. Do we hope for 90 hurts? I hope so I have to win see also talking about the chipset of the phone a lot of the rumours outside of China have mentioned a brand-new and as

It’s completely unknown unseen chips are called the Snapdragon at seven seven five again. We know absolutely nothing about this chipset. We don’t know if it’s real. We don’t know if it’s coming. Those are the rumours though seven seven five. Hopefully it is a mid-range chipset. The cc9 used mid-range tips are the seven six five G, or similar would be fine in that phone. So again, we’ll have to wait and see, but rooms are for a new Snapdragon chipset the seven seven five.

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