Hey, what’s up guys and it’s here presenting you the first look of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 fan edition. We’ve been talking about this phone for months and there’s been a lot of speculation a lot of leaks but now we have the full glory look thanks to the one and only on leaks. First up the s20 fe is like a plastic brother to the Galaxy Note 20 which cost $1,000. But fear not the league pricing for the Galaxy S20 DLP is around $750 which makes me think that that should be the price of the note 20 that Samsung just announced if you actually pay attention both of these two calls are sort of replacing last year’s Galaxy S 10 light and note 10 with better internals and most importantly much better upgrades on the camera side. So unlike the note 20 the estrone fp is looking like a grid value. It may actually be the phone of the year from Samsung when it comes to the value but Samsung may be about to hit themselves in the foot once again because of something called timing.

Okay, so the front design of the galaxy s20 fe It looks very similar to the note 20 In fact, it’s almost identical. We’ve got that galaxy A Series kind of look. It’s completely flat. A lot of people do like flat displays including me it’s got a center hole punch which is going to be similar in size like the Galaxy Note 20 and the actual display size is around 6.5 inches as well. The resolution is said to be a full HD display but with 120 hertz refresh rate.

This could be Samsung’s cheapest phone
to offer a 120 hertz refresh rate right out of the box which I think is going to be a very strong point. Now as for the material, the back panel will be similar the note 20 is going to have that matte frosted plastic Look, it’s been reported that there will be a number of colors such as red, white, green and orange. So this phone will definitely be a lot more colorful than any of the Galaxy S20 that Samsung has released this year. We have metal on the size, power and volume rocker towards the right hand side and no headphone jack as always. As for the internals, we’re going to see Qualcomm 865 on the 5g model and apparently Samsung is planning a LTE model of this phone which could Rog the exynos 990 model there’s been some leaked benchmarks as well. So we may still have dual chip thing or with the S20 fe as well most likely in the international markets where we don’t have 5g now still despite that is still a very solid option at 750 dollar from Samsung. So my question is, would you buy this phone at 750 dollar, I mean, it is a really really solid deal. But considering the timing of this phone, the original Galaxy S20 will be a lot cheaper. Yes, the original Galaxy S20 with Samsung announced for $1,000. And they’re actually still selling this phone at $1,000 Prize, you can actually buy this phone else where for a much better value. Now again, that depends on the market, the S20 might still be above $800. Still, the S20 FE looks like a better value none the less. But then again, if the price difference is very less, let’s say $50 difference, you’re actually getting a much much premium built on the original S20 like the gloss back the edge display and 120 hertz at 1440P certainly you’re getting a lot on just the normal S20. Like I said Timing is everything.

And in my opinion Samsung should have made the S20 FE instead of the normal S20 back in February Imagine if the S20 FE was announced instead of the S20 costing almost $800. It would have been the phone of the year best value, but no they’re making it right now. And by the time this phone comes out the Galaxy S20 will have multiple deals that you can get. And arguably there’s no doubt that the original S20 is a better phone than the S20 FE. He also sad news DJ co Samsung’s previous mobile chief at the legendary DJ co he was the only executive who didn’t get the HQ bonus during the whole pandemic. According to the news coming from South Korea, DJ co was not paid at the bonus that Samsung actually paid to a lot of other executives. I don’t know why they did that. But South Korean media is reporting that it’s because of the bad smartphone sales. Samsung decided not to pay the bonus to DJ co it’s a bit sad. I mean, the guy is definitely a legend. If you guys remember the Galaxy S 10 and note 10 from last year, were probably the last amazing best bowls from Samsung like that year was amazing. This year’s dancing at a lot of controversy, a lot of things they have to deal with as per recent detailed report coming from cannabis sales and sales of the galaxy estrone series actually went down 59% compared to the Galaxy S10 sees from last year that is actually a huge drop in number in the United States market. In comparison Apple is absolutely dominating the game according to canalys the main leader is the iPhone 11 still being the champ the phone that Apple announced for $700 rocking the same processor and the same camera as the thousand plus dollar pro iPhone 11C so definitely, it is still a value in the eyes

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