Samsung Galaxy S20 FE New Leaks Processor Display Camera All | S20 FE Price | Samsung Sales Down !

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE New Leaks Processor Display Camera All | S20 FE Price | Samsung Sales Down !

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 MOUTHFUL | Snapdragon Least SOC

Since Samsung released its first foldable smartphone the Galaxy Fold last year, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if this year’s foldable flagship was named the Galaxy Fold 2. But it seems that’s not what’s its actuallygoing to be called. Samsung is changing the naming scheme a littlebit and will market it as the Samsung Galaxy […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Leaks & Rumers

So every version of Samsung’s main flagshipshave two different processors and which one you’ll get depends on where you live and itisn’t something they’ve been doing recently. Samsung has been dual sourcing chipsets goingas far back as the Galaxy Note 3, which debuted back in 2013. The upcoming Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra […]

Mi Note 11 120X Zoom | Upcoming Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 with 120x Zoom Xiaomi in the works one, which is an Ultra high-end Flagship and there’s another which is going to be maybe a mid-range or upper mid-range type of phone with some excellent specs a new camera system and the new one. Oh, the eight-megapixel image sensor may be called […]

Redmi Note 9 Pro Upcoming Smartphone

Xiaomi Smartphone Let me know Redmi Note 9 pro have this phone over take my previous favorite budget phone, which is the redmi Note 8 Pro what differences in our braces is the load 9 Pro have of the know a pro to make it the new budget came with the redmi note 9 a […]

Upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 | Oppo Ace 2 | Vivo X50 Gimbal Smartphone

Mi Mix Alpha 2 : Towards the tail end of last year. Xiaomi showed off this literally unbelievable smartphone the mix Alpha it literally shocked the smartphone world and I don’t think that’s hyperbole because I’ve never ever seen anything like this before it wasn’t really leaked before they announced it either and when it […]

OnePlus Z New Smartphone | One plus Air Buds | Xiaomi Mi Band

Oneplus Z Upcoming Smartphone with OnePlus Air Buds and Mi Band It seems the countdown to be Oneplus Z has become a new era for one plus a new strategy for one plus and statement by the CEO giving us the best idea yet at what we can expect from One Plus in the future […]