High Security and Low Price VPN ! Which Your Choice ? Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN contact me and ask me if I want to partner with them and I’ve seen remember thinking but not heard of social VPN, but I’ll give it a go see if I like it and I did it does everything you Need a VPN to do like give you that peace of mind that your browsing is secure and Anonymous also gonna be traveling around the world for launch events and I be using this to access UK Netflix while I’m sitting in China for example, so that’s fine. But now that I’ve been using it for about a year is becoming pretty clear that some not all but some vpns are just daylight robbery the told you like 20 to 30 dollars per person per month for VPN access social cost $1.99 a month for an unlimited amount of simultaneous connections, and there are some unique features to you’ve Calm which is a feature designed to give you alerts should your password or email be compromised ensuring that the first person to take action as you and I like that using the surf shop app on my MacBook. I can tap once in the bar of the top and quick connect to the last server. I was connected to certain check the link in the description and use the code boss because there’s now an even bigger discount than ever. It’s 85% off and an extra three months of free.

Why Smartphone Over Price ? Smartphone Price Increase 2020

Is Smartphone Over Price 2020 ?

Price of ferns is going up fast, but why like, how can an apple get away with charging nearly $1,500 for top-spec iPhone or Samsung $1,600 for an S20 Ultra and maybe more confusing for some is oneplus a company that has built their entire reputation on creating affordable Flex ships. They latest phones $1,000 is the world going crazy. Are we going to be lining up in a few years time to sell our organs so we can afford the next phone. Well, maybe But the point is what I’m trying to say here. Is that what I’m not going to defend High pricing. There are seven key reasons why phones are getting so expensive the I just don’t think a lot of people are acknowledging also massive. The first thing is Qualcomm Qualcomm of the guys who make the Snapdragon chipset the power of pretty much every high-end Android phone and while they clearly make amazing Hardware. They also caused a bit of a cost problem. See they have no competition. If a company like one class wants to have the best performance then they’ve got no, In but to use whatever qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon chipset has in this case the 865 and it because qualcomm’s got all this power this year. They’ve basically told companies if you want to have our chair, but then you’ve also got a by are expensive 5G modem to go alongside it so whether or not a smartphone maker once 5G they’re paying for it and it gets worse because as well as the chip and the modem Holcomb will also give you a set of guidelines the big one being that your phone needs to have a large amount of space inside it. So if you’re wondering why smartphones especially this year are leaping up in size this

Be part of reason because you’ve got remember a company called just make their phone taller and keep everything else the same day then go to make the screen bigger. So people don’t complain about in our safe board around the sides and then they’ve got to have a bigger battery to power this display as well as the more power hungry Snapdragon chip and then add to all of that if the company actually wants to take advantage of that 5 G modem they paid for then they’ve got to buy additional radio frequency modules and put them all on the phone this costs money. So if you’re wondering why 1 plus r suddenly hiked up the prices for their latest phones. I would guess that at least a part of that is qualcomm’s steering them in that direction. Number two. The second thing is that small things are getting better. And that sounds like common sense. Obviously, they’re not getting worse. But I feel like when a lot of people complain about the prices of these ferns they’re actually missing this point C technology is going to improve each year. So it’s true. If every year Samsung just released the exact same phone, but with slightly more up-to-date Technologies each time. We probably should expect prices to stay fairly constant, but that’s not

It’s happening. It’s not just a case that each year. We see a slight internal spec pump to keep up with the times if it was a small bones would still look like this.

Every year we get designs the push boundaries further more intelligent cameras more advanced materials. And naturally that’s got to cost more not to mention that phones now have like three times the screen area of when they started so as well as all that new tech everything else has to be scaled up accordingly. And remember whilst it is getting more expensive to buy the highest-end phone each year. It’s getting cheaper to buy a good smartphone each year. There’s probably no better example of my point than this in the US. The average price of a small phone has fallen every year continuously since 2011 because phones getting so much better people no longer need to buy the highest end. So every year they can get away with spending less and less because the highest end phones are the ones people talk about to the ones that grab the headlines it creates this kind of distorted view that all phones are more expensive when all that’s really happening is the high-end is becoming higher but now there’s other way why are these top end phones? Just so expensive one important thing is selling costs the actual process of selling a phone can As companies a ton of money, which also has to get added to the price as take the absolute top end iPhone 11pro Max. You can get this for around $1,380 in Mexico, but here in the UK, you’ll pay the equivalent of 1880. There’s an element of currency conversions in those differences, but it’s mostly two things sales taxes in most countries whenever approach sold. The government takes can cut in the u.s. Is pretty low Most states that are around seven percent but in the UK, it’s 20 and then this operational Cost of running a store the costs of hiring employees this varies massively based on the country. These selling costs are a big part of why here in the UK we get a terrible deal compared to for example people in India, like for example this top end won’t plus a pro is the equivalent of $1,120 here in the UK and India 785. It also helps in this case. The India is where a lot of 1 plus ferns are actually put together, but hopefully it’s like to see just how much of a difference these selling costs alone can make to a phones price but there’s more because Every aspect of the chain of production of a smartphone is expensive and it’s getting more expensive as an example take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S 20 the first price to 800 pounds here in the UK, but it’s bit of components will be around 340 pounds based on past years. So it would be easy to look at this and think something is making 460 pounds of profit per Fern which will be great but also wrong for starters after you take out the sales tax, which is included in the 800 pound price. Something’s only actually taking about 640. But okay. But still a fair bit of money, but remember that component cost is only one of many many costs. You got manufacturing the machines the factories the production lines, they will have to be rented or Aunt got the employees everyone from the people would put the phones together and to the people who solve your problems over the phone. Have you tried turning it off and on again plus as chipsets become more minut and sophisticated. The failure rate is higher as things stand with the current chips based on a 7 nanometre fabrication process about 30% of them fail. They just have to be chucked or maybe Tend to be recycled research and development.

You’ve gotta remember that for every beautiful finish you see on a retail phone companies tried 15 months that they eventually scrapped for every successful feature like 100 times zoom on the s20 ultra has been five or six ones that never saw the light of day and then advertising costs. I’ve seen this one first hand a lot of tell you which brand of this for but last year I was on set for a commercial for a small phone launch and And it was crazy. The company had rented out an entire Warehouse. They got a Hollywood Film Production crew. They’ve got like a hundred actors and extras on that set and yet after it was all done and edited. They just cancel the project because apparently it no longer fits the message they want to send for their phone plus the retailers who then end up selling you the Samsung phones like Amazon like T-Mobile, they’re gonna want to take their own 5 to 10% cut on top that so after all these costs something doesn’t make a hundred fifty percent profit, like initially seems not even 50 if I had to guess. I would say 10 percent perform on average will make more money on the top and films like the higher storage options on the s20 ultra but this figure gives you an idea powerful Apple who benefits from having full control over every part of what goes into the ferns most smartphone makers have seen profits falling not Rising, but there is still profits and when you take a step back considering the volumes are ferns these companies sell. It’s a lot of money and while so far I’ve told you some legitimate reasons why prices should be rising there is also an element of craftiness. The other companies something that I’m going to call the luxury effect and it started with the iPhone 10 up until the iPhone 10 apples Fern pricing followed a fairly uninteresting Trend the first – started at five dollars and this price slowly trickle up words, but barely even nearly 10 years on with the iPhone 7, you could still buy it for $649, but that changed the year after in 2017. Apple pulled a bit of a fast one. They launched three fans and I found eight to replace the 7 + H+ to replace the The 7 plus and these two phones were similarly priced last year, but then also the iPhone 10 out of thousand dollars and they got away with it the way they pinch their phones with the iPhone 8 + – e plus there are flagships. There are Replacements if you want to upgrade from the 7 and the 7 plus but the iPhone 10, will that’s a luxury item, even though Apple knew full. Well the iPhone 10 would sell by the bucket load by pitching this as the luxury phone the optional extra. They avoided people comparing its price to them passports. They made it seem incomparable and then following this move the entire Market reacted Samsung for example sodium.

And more recently the s20 ultra use this exact same luxury effect to get away with this price tag of up to $1,600 because some some also released a Galaxy S 20 and an S 20-plus which sit as the technical replacements for last year’s S10 and S10. Plus they can dodge the price comparisons by saying that to the ultra is just unlike anything else out birth. Okay. So cost of production is rising companies are getting crafty with their pricing but there’s still a missing piece of the puzzle if these top and phones are Expensive why people still buying them. I mean in terms of pre-orders the highest end as 20 Ultra made up 50% of the sales of the whole as 20 lineup, but why why is all of a sudden the people’s willingness to pay for phone has grown but it’s kind of simple ferns are becoming every year more and more beneficial to us. And this price hike is just a case of companies like Samsung and Apple seeing that and taking advantage of I think about this when the first iPhone was introduced you could take it or leave it. It’s a cool way of doing stuff that similar devices could already do but now Now for a lot of people living without a smartphone would be like living without a limp a good as far as to say that there’s a lot of people out there who gain more value from their smartphone than they do their car. The small phone is already replaced. A lot of people’s need for a camera for a speaker for a tablet for an MP3 player. And I just think there’s a smartphone becomes more intelligent it’ll start to swallow up more and more product categories becoming ever more useful to the end-user bit of an extreme example, but Warren Buffett famous American businessman, he’s gone on record to say that he’d rather keep his iPhone over his airplane that is

Moon gives him more value than his multimillion-dollar aircraft and finally just inflation the price of almost every type of product price over time. Naturally that applies to Gold that plus chocolate and applies to smartphones. And while the rising price of phones has exceeded inflation inflation is a part of it.

Huawei Master Plan ! Huawei Harmony Operating Systems Future Plan ? Google & Huawei

Misinformation about what quo is she up to right now? They’re making Android phones, but with new Google services, they have their own app store. But some things are missing from it. We has their own operating system. They’ve developed from scratch called Harmony OS this is huge news, but no one seems to really have any answers about what’s happening with it. So I spent the last month working with them. Just trying to really understand what the master plan is.  So in case you didn’t know in May of last year the u.s. Book Huawei on something called The Entity list the list of bodies that us companies. Like Google aren’t allowed to work with but wait a second if you’re a maker of Android smartphones and You were going to business with you. How does it work? Well in a normal situation Google certifies Android devices and in doing so they give them access to something called GMS Google mobile services that means access to Google’s core apps things like Gmail Google Maps Google Calendar Etc, but it also means that third-party developers can build their own apps to take advantage of Google services. Say, for example, when you open up Luber you see a map, but Uber didn’t build their own map system from scratch. That’s a massive undertaking. It’s actually just data pulled from Google Maps use Google services, but he probably saying what this is going because Google can’t work with Holly right now. You don’t get this GMS on a hallway phone but instead something called HMS while we move all services. And for the last year the thing people focusing on I’d say understandably is what’s missing what you don’t get versus Google mobile services. But today I just want to zoom out and show you what was actually trying to do with all of this the bigger picture which starts with HMS Android and ends with Harmony OS which I think is fascinating. So right now when you pick a smart phone you probably used to In between two ecosystems Apple iOS and GMS Android but what was really trying to make here is a third player in that field HMS Android and I mean that extra competition is good news for everybody. Not just people who buy what we ferns but to understand what actually means for Huawei take a look at Apple Apple make smart phones that if you look at their Hardware like the amount of ram they have or the size of their batteries or the specs of their camera systems on paper. 
 They are crushed versus top end Android phones, but because Apple builds the chips inside their phones the hardware and every aspect of the software that runs on top of it. They can design every line of code in that software to take advantage of every last bit of power in that Hardware. Apple ferns are hyper efficient. Most Android phones don’t have this efficiency the companies who make Android phones they buy chipsets from an external. And then on top of that they’re relying on software called built by Google which is another external company so you can probably see where I’m going with this the proposition that were always making is quite similar to Apple’s. They already build their own chipsets for their phones, but what’s happening now is that because of this u.s. Ban, they’re relying on their own software korth to this has its downsides but the upside is that because of this top-down control. They’ve got there’s the potential for that same sort of synergy as an example. Well according to Wyatt least HMS Android has 62 percent lower latency than GMS Android so faster communication between the different layers of the operating system and the cherry on top is that if while we can pull this off on mass then when apps do come to what we ferns they’ll be more power efficient because they’ll be based on a core which what we has designed for with phones and the apps might also just be better you might have noticed something if you’re an Android User your phone takes amazing photos when you use the normal camera app, but kind of terrible photos when you take them through a third party app plugin, Want to the Instagram camera right now the photo I be able to take would be nothing close to what my camera is actually capable of you might have noticed that while your phone comes with an ultra-wide camera or incredible zoom capabilities. Try accessing these features while taking a Snapchat story and you can’t the problem that normal Android faces is fragmentation. Let’s say Instagram was to take a random small phone. Let’s just call it phone X and then start tweaking the wrap to take advantage of let’s say it’s 2 times zoom camera, and it’s 120 degree Ultra wide camera. Murrah that’s technically possible, but then they’d have tens of thousands of other phones to then start accounting for each with their own varying software skins. The Android ecosystem is almost too vast and there isn’t a system in place to be able to just kind of code for these features once and then apply them to all phones, but quo is HMS has this system. 
So what we’re trying to do right now is to basically hand developers the tools to take advantage of while we specific features. So if you take Instagram has an example, what was hoping for is that you’ll be able to use the main camera. Yes, you can do that on every phone but also the ultra white always night mode software to take photos in the dark or even the 3D depth sensor on the front of some phones to better track those AR face filters. Just do it more accurately. Yet to be seen if developers do Implement these features, but the point is with HMS. They can as an example of gone up here called you Captain. It’s a third party app built by someone outside of Huawei then if I go into low light for example, and then take a photo through it. It’ll still use the AI chip inside the phone to brighten the photos. This doesn’t happen on normal Android phones, even if they had dedicated AI chips, but okay none of this matters if you don’t have apps and you probably know what we phones have no access to Google Play store, but what you get instead is something Old Huawei app gallery. I’ve been told a lot of impressive figures that there’s over 1.4 million developers registered right now and something like 55,000 apps that have those HMS core features built-in but like always fully aware that if you go on to the app gallery right now, there are some apps that you might have been able to find on Google’s Play Store that you won’t find here, but from the conversations I’ve had with Huawei. It’s pretty clear that they know they know that people want this stuff. They’re trying as hard as they can to get it but it takes time because there’s no precedent for a situation like this. 
But they’re also pretty aware that the solution to that is to create an environment where developers can’t say. No. So imagine an independent developer is approached by Huawei. He says that all you need to do is to put your app on App Store and that’s it. You’ll reach Millions more users will help you do it and you’ll get better exposure on our store because you’ve got less competition. You can see why that’s enticing for developers and while we as consumers wait for that process to happen. There are some mechanisms in place to make it easier. There’s phone clone which transfer Has apps from your old phone but there’s something I think is quite important that I haven’t seen a single person talked about.
It’s called more apps. This is basically the first thing I would tell anyone who’s going to buy a Khloe phone to download because you probably noticed the first thing you see is every app you’ve had questions about and for each one. It will give you either a direct download link or link straight to the web version of that app and everything you find through here. We’ll work on Huawei ferns. What are those more interesting was the wish list when you’re in the app gallery, you’ll see this little option to request an app then the whole purpose of this is to tell her 
What apps are the highest priority to send Wally the signal to then Chase those developers and when there’s UPS eventually become available. You can make it all to install on your phone. If it was me doing this. I probably also stopped building like exclusive applications for the app gallery. I think what was already started doing this in China. But anyways, that’s what is core system. But what sits on top of it is anyway, I’ll talk about this properly in a different video, but the important takeaway is that the latest mui 10 has an almost hidden Newfound emphasis on into device connect. T the really trying to mesh together the smartphone and the laptop experience as an example, but when you try to do this with operating system is vastly different as Android and Windows you run into some limitations, but that’s where Harmony OS comes in. So in case you didn’t know how many os is what was own complete operating system, they built it from scratch and it works on smartphones. So when the u.s. Ban first came out this kind of led a lot of us to believe that the hallway was going to start releasing phones powered by Harmony. IOS, but I can tell you now this actually isn’t the plan for harmony at least for the foreseeable future what we wants to stick with Android for its Burns for a few reasons. First of all that what we still wants to work with Google and Google wants to work with Huawei. It’s just that the current situation doesn’t allow them to do that if however while we jumped ship to a completely new operating system. They kind of be shutting that door behind them. And secondly if I didn’t make this clear what was pumping a lot of resources into getting developers to Port their apps over from the Google Play Store and right now, 
So pretty easy ask but I’m trying to get developers to redevelop their apps for a new operating system. That’s different ball game that said well, how many os isn’t quite what people thought it was. It’s a fascinating part of always master plan the way it was described to me is as a distributed operating system. Harmony is based on something called a micro kernel which basically means the code is not specific to one type of device. So, yes, it can run on phones but ignores have run on anything from earphones two fridges two cars, but why? Imagine all the electronic devices you have right now, maybe go to laptop or smartphone TV, maybe a speaker system each of these devices. They’ve got certain inputs and certain outputs. Like your laptop has a keyboard. That’s an input your TV has a screen. That’s an output. So you’ve got all these devices with their separate inputs and outputs. But the idea here is that if they’re all powered by the same Harmony operating system, then those inputs and outputs can be pulled. So for example, I could press a button on my laptop. Stop playing music an input and that Cannon. Immediately create an output on different device. Let’s say stop playing that music on my wireless speaker and then showing me lyrics on my TV screen it would behave as if all your devices were one connected device for animal real world example, let’s say someone was video calling me on my phone. I could use the ferns front camera as the input so that the other person can see my face but then the ecosystem might decide that actually the TV is the best output for me to see the other person so it can display them on there and this is a real thing. 
Us isn’t just some sort of theoretical pipe dream. They’ve already launched a TV that runs it so that’s the long term goal this kind of evolving ecosystem of connected devices. I’m hoping I’ve kind of cleared up some of the misinformation. I think some of the stuff I’m talking about here is the first time this has been talked about so let me know if it was useful and I’ll catch you in the next one.

Xfinity Mobile Change In This Year ? Review Xfinity Smartphone

Now, these aren’t very big changes, but I do think that is very useful to know if you’re already in expend any mobile customer or if you are thinking about becoming an expending Mobile customer these changes may or may not sway you to stick with them or to look somewhere else now they sent out. Email to customers right before Christmas was I December 18th is when I got the email basically with the email says is that they’re going to be moving everyone over to their second generation of Wireless plans. So there’s not going to be any grandfathering in so they change some aspects of their plans and even if you signed up from day one, you’re not going to be able to keep that you are going to be over and I’m going to tell you what some of those changes are right now. So first, let’s talk about a limited customers. So I am an unlimited customer and fortunately the prices for us is not going to change its going to remain $45 a month that’s going to give us our unlimited data up to the 20 Gigabytes threshold. And then as of right now if you went over that 20 Gigabytes threshold, then they reserve the right to slow you down but in February 2020 and thereafter, they’re going to move the gonna move. 
More to a prioritization system which basically means during Peak congestion times. They may slow us down. So if you’re getting full 4G LTE speeds right now you live in an area that is really highly congested. You might see your data speed slow ending at the same time. You also might see a slight degradation in your cellular service as well. Now they’ve already been doing that to customers. Oh since about August if you are pretty much a brand-new customer, you’ve already been subject to that.
 But for everyone else who came in before this is something that we have not experienced yet and it might any may not affect you just kind of have to wait and see what happens with that. Now in true Corporation fashion, there is a way around this bra Towing. There’s a way around this D prioritization. All you have to do is open up your wallet and pay for it. That’s right. It’s bending mobiles giving you an option. So remember they have that HD pass. Which allows you to default to 720P HD streaming as opposed to the 480p default the charge an extra 20 bucks for them. But if you opt to add that to your plan, they will make sure that you aren’t slow down in case of network congestion and they will also make sure that your Cellular Connection remains top notch in your area. So if you don’t want to be affected by it, you got to pay now the new prioritization also applies to by the get customers as well and also So for by the gate customers Comcast is going to be eliminating the 100 megabytes of shared data that you would get for free just for being a VIP customer that whole thing is going away. They’re not going to replace it with anything, but just going to eliminate straight up. So no matter what you are going to be paying at least $12 a month per line if you choose to buy the gate option, but what they’ve gone ahead and done is that they’ve created a couple additional tiers to help you save. Little bit of money so that you’re not just paying $12 over $12 over $12. So if you think you may go over here are some additional options that are going to be available to you. So you’re going to be able to choose from three gigabytes for $30 a month or 10 gigabytes for $60. And and I had to fall your video resolution is going to default to 720p on smartphones in 1080p on tablets only provide the gate customers because you know, they got to get To use of the eight a little bit faster and a little bit more money. But if you are very protective of your data, you don’t want to do that. There’s going to be an option for you to choose to opt in to the 480p default streaming options where you just go into your account you’ll be able to talk with that on so you don’t have to worry about using your data in that way. If you don’t want to look at high definition content by default, so that’s pretty much it. Those are the Just there are going to be coming automatically and February 2024 Xfinity mobile, but there is one more thing that I wanted to point out in the email that they sent this one paragraph kind of made me go raise my eyebrow a little bit because it says a lot of staying the same your service won’t be disrupted. Your billing cycle won’t change in the price for each data option isn’t changing at this time. 
This time whenever you get the corporate speak in the use terms like that. It means that they’re always leaving the door open to charging you for depending on whatever it is that they want to do. So that has me a little bit concerned about expanding mobile. I’m not saying go running for the hills because X media Moguls trash now. No, it’s not that bad. In fact, you know, it’s still a great service for me and it’s still the cheapest game in town and my Bellamy has some great I haven’t had him drop calls or bad connection speeds or anything like that. So surface has been good. The problem is I just don’t trust the Comcast never have likely never will. So what I’m going to do is just keep my eye on this, especially when you think about leasing phones from Xfinity mobile because these phones they’re really expensive these days. So for the new phone comes out and you want to get it and you’re going to be paying the standard 35 40 45 dollars a month to lease the phone if you’re going to be Paying the same amount every month. That means you’re going to be locked into that for a couple of years. That’s the way that they set it up. So I’m just going to kind of tiptoe around that not going to get of not going to lease a brand new phone or an Xfinity mobile just in case they try to pull a fast one and I get upset and then you’d all be locked in a won’t be able to go anywhere until I’m actually pay off that loan. So that’s just something that I’m going to do. Just want to keep an eye on it. But as far as these changes go they’re not terrible. 
It is good information to know and hopefully maybe one day I’ll be able to come back and front of the camera let you know about someone good customer beneficial changes that will come to Xfinity mobile who knows time will tell so, that’s it guys.